Our Trailers

Our long relationship with Anderson Manufacturing has provided the opportunity to work closely together on developing a product offering with unparalleled versatility.

The use of our proprietary adaptive trailer design gives us the unique ability to efficiently manufacture on a large scale while maintaining the flexibility to tailor each build specifically to our customers' needs.

Drop Deck Trailer

The World's Highest Quality Drop Deck Trailers

The use of our proprietary drop deck trailer design gives us the unique ability to efficiently manufacture on a large scale while maintaining the flexibility to tailor each build specifically to our customers' needs.

Our hydraulic drop deck trailers are the most effective and most reliable ground load trailers on the market. To match your equipment needs, we offer several customizable models with hydraulic ground load single, tandem and enclosed trailers. Below, we share the specific features that place all Drop Deck Depot Trailers a step above the competition.

Hydraulic Drop Deck Trailer
Build & Price
  • Lift & Haul Up To 10,000 lbs
  • Choose From 8 Deck Sizes
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty
  • Made In The United States

Torsion Slide Suspension

A common problem that owners of other drop deck trailer brands experience is costly premature tire failure, an issue caused by toe and camber problems when loaded due to hub instability. We have solved this problem with our patented proprietary Torsion Slide Suspension System.

An Axle-less Design

With Drop Deck Trailers, there can be no traditional axles running the width of the trailer and occupying the space underneath the deck, as this is space the deck needs in the lowered position.

The lack of traditional axles means the job of keeping the wheels running true while loaded is placed on the design of the trailer frame itself, with particular emphasis on how the hub is secured.

Torsion Slide Suspension

Our proprietary patented Torsion Slide Suspension directly addresses the problem of torsional loading and shearing strain at the wheel hub by keeping the wheels locked into a vertical plane of movement and running true, eliminating both uneven tire wear and premature tire failure.

The Torsion Slide subframe is guided by UHMW Polyethylene, a state of the art polymer originally developed by NASA, and the same seemingly indestructible material guiding the stack of nearly every forklift in existence. UHMW is self-lubricating and 15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel. The result is a service-free design that lasts the lifetime of the trailer.


We believe your hydraulic lift trailer should not only be capable, but also reliable. We believe your needs are specific, unique, and should be met perfectly. Our close relationship with Anderson Manufacturing has allowed us to design and create the most innovative ground load trailers on the market. Learn more about them below.

Hydraulic Lift Trailers

Hydraulic Lift System

Our hydraulic lift trailer design is uniquely capable of lifting the trailer bed from ground level for transporting heavy equipment up to 10,000 pounds. Drop Deck Depot trailers use a self-contained hydraulic lift system that is virtually maintenance-free.

Hydraulic Lift Trailers

Torsion Slide Suspension

Our advanced propriety suspension system that ensure the wheels of your trailer remain in a vertical plane of movement, even while fully loaded, eliminating the age old problem of premature tire failures. This subframe is guided by NASA's self-lubricating UHMW polymer, a state of the art material with 15 times the abrasion resistance of carbon steel.

Equipment Trailer Flushmount LEDs

Flushmount Led Lights

Approved by the DOT in all 50 states, these flushmounted LED brake lights offer increased safety and are fully integrated in the trailer chassis.

Height Adjustable Trailers

Height Adjustable Coupler

Our height adjustable coupler allows for much desired flexibility when hauling your trailer with multiple vehicles, and allows you to achieve perfect tongue weight for a more stable haul.

Powder Coat Finish Drop Deck Trailers

Heavy Duty Powder Coat Finish

In order to provide a more durable scratch-resistant finish that lasts years longer than paint, all of our trailers receive a heavy duty commercial grade powder coat finish that can be coated in any color you wish.

Low Profile Chain Slots Trailer Design

Low Profile Chain Slots

Low profile chain slot anchor points allow you to easily roll even the lowest of loads onto the deck- without having to work around cumbersome D-Ring anchor points found on other trailers.

Low Ramp Angle

Extremely low profile ramp angle allows for even the lowest of machinery to be loaded up effortlessly.

Finger Tip Control

A simple point of control for both the up and down functionality of the trailer. Deck raises / lowers in less than 10 seconds.

Brakes on All Wheels

Each wheel is armed with heavy duty brakes capable of stopping even the heaviest of loads when you need it.

Lever Latch Coupler

A single lever latch coupler makes hitching to a Drop Deck Depot trailer as simple and easy as possible.

Curbside Un/Loading

The ability to stop the deck at any point of raising or lowering allows you to unload on any terrain.

Variety of Options

Have unique needs? We have a selection of options that allow you to build the perfect trailer to suit your needs.

Comprehensive 1 Year Warranty Included With Every Trailer

Drop Deck Depot's first focus is engineering quality, durable, and reliable trailers that get the job done. For years our trailers have been transporting some of the heaviest equipment on the road through some of the toughest conditions. Our belief in the quality of our trailers is backed by the 1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This commitment comes with every single trailer we produce.