Frequent Questions

Do I have to pick the trailer up, or can it be shipped to me?

We send our trailers all over the continental US and beyond. We can arrange to have the trailer towed to your destination or carried on a semi truck at a very reasonable charge. It's a very hassle-free process. Feel free to reach out to us for a quote based on your delivery location.

Is there a discount available for ordering multiple units?

Yes! We often have companies that need multiple units, and not only do we offer a price break for such an order, but shipping more than one unit at a time will lower the total freight cost per unit.

Do you offer financing?

While we don't offer in-house financing, we work directly with a handful of companies to get our customers financed. So, if you're not currently in a position to buy outright, we can put you in touch with one of their representatives who can go over options and preliminary terms.

I'd like an option or customization that I don't see listed. Is it possible to have my trailer equipped with it anyways?

More than likely, yes. While we turn out a large scale of work, we pride ourselves in doing our best to tailor each trailer to its owner's needs. Feel free to reach out to us with what you're after, and we'll let you know if it can be done and the cost for doing so.

Do you have pictures of one optioned with [insert particular options/color]?

Almost certainly. Just ask, and we can email you over some photos to get an idea. We have built virtually every possible combination in virtually every color offered at some point over the years.

Can I schedule my own freight?

Absolutely. We offer pick up at no additional charge. We're able to accommodate all types of loading with overhead cranes, forklifts, and loading docks.

I'm in Hawaii, how do I get one of your drop deck trailers?

We coordinate shipping to California like normal. It will go to the port in Long Beach, CA where it then goes on a boat to continue on to the port in Honolulu, HI.

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